Chicken Wings done 2 ways – Ayam Percik & Korean BBQ Wings

Sorry upstairs neighbour for the smoke from my shichirin and the fragrance of the charcoal grilled Ayam Percik.

Did Chicken Wings done 2 ways for late lunch today.

BBQ Ayam Percik
BBQ Korean Chicken Wings

Ayam Percik marinated with readymade Rendang rempah, after at least 2 hours, half cooked in vegetable oil in a wok, then grilled over charcoal fire and smothered with the rendang oil and readymade peanut satay sauce.

Korean BBQ Chicken Wings marinated with Korean 🐔 Sauce and with a few drops of Hickory Liquid Smoke and after at least 2 hours, air fried at 180 degrees Celcius for 12 minutes.

The ingredients: All store-bought readymade 🙂

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