Air Fried Curry Puffs with Instant Prata Skin

The air fryer is the second used utensil  in my kitchen; second only to the kitchen Knife.

So I made air fried curry puffs for breakfast today really quick.

I have already made the stuffing of potato meat curry the night before.  Took out the instant prata dough from the freezer, cut them into halves and let them defrost for a while leaving the plastic sheets on.  Before that,  also reheated the stuffing.

After the stuffing has been sufficiently cooled, got down to the business of  placing the stuffing  on one-half of each of the cut prata sheets. The plastic sheets makes it easy to fold the prata sheets.  Clamp the sides and complete the seal my using a fork.

Air fried for 10 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius and got ourselves evenly fried curry puffs!



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