Ayam Percik

Percik in the Malay/ Indonesian language means to splash. That is how the rich and sweet spiced coconut based gravy are splashed on chicken meat that is grilled/ BBQed. Here is my version. I would much prefer grilling over charcoal embers to give it a smoky bbq flavour, but this oven baked version helps satisfy our cravings.

Marinade for the wings (marinade at least 30 minutes)Blend – Medium Sized Onion, 5 cloves garlic, 1 inch ginger, pinch of salt.

Gravy: Blend Large Onion, 5 cloves garlic, 1 inch Ginger, 2 stalks lemongrass, half cup coconut cream, dried chillies presoaked in warm water (as much as how pedas u want), sugar, salt (update: a bit of tamarind water for acidity)(optional but recommended, also add 2 ground toasted candlenuts and half inch galangal in the blend).

Tumis (saute) till fragrant then add coconut cream, sugar, salt and then the chicken wings on low heat, half cook the wings and take outContinue to thicken the gravy and put aside.Grill (the chicken wings) over charcoal (recommended) or in preheated oven (190 degrees celcius)and periodically brush / Splash!!! some of the gravy onto the wings till brown and get a bit of char and caramelization on the skin.(Tip: pound one end of a lemongrass stalk and use as brush).

Serve! Enjoy!

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